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UKGE Weltkarte Geological Map of the World 118cm x 98cm Neu

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Leider wurde diese Beschreibung bisher nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt, daher finden Sie an dieser Stelle eine englische Artikelbeschreibung.

Based on an entirely redesigned concept, this map integrates the state of the art geological knowledge of our planet at the turning-point of the XX/XXI centuries. This 3rd edition of the map intends to give a better global overview of the mega-structures, and the most important geological assemblages resulting from the complex history of our planet throughout 4 billion years.

A cartography significantly improved, in particular as concerned: the limit between continental crust/oceanic crust; major continental faults and oceanic fracture zones; axes of oceanic accretion; subduction zones; sedimentary accretionary prisms, morphostructures of the seafloor (seamounts, hotspot tracks, etc.)

Several innovations such as: representation of the continental platform (<200m); subdivision of the Proterozoic in 3 eras; discrimination of "Large Igneous Provinces" (LIP) since the end of the Paleozoïc (continental traps, "oceanic plateaus") with indication of mean age of the major volcanic episode; representation of 45 "hotspots"; crustal deformation zones (diffuse boundary) between some plates; distribution of Meso-Cenozoic ophiolites, etc. This sheet includes two legends, one for the onshore zones and another for the offshore, and an inset with data on the 45 "hotspots".

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